Le Labo

Barneys New York has a great blog called B-Sides. A few weeks before my vacation I discovered the brand Le Labo from New York on the B-Sides blog. Le Labo is a fragrance company sold at Barneys. The company's concept sounded really interesting, and when I finally got a chance to visit a Barneys, I decided to test it out. I instantly loved the scent Rose 31. It's a feminine/masculine rose scent that is warm and spicy. The neat thing about this perfume is that it is made ready-to-order. They made my perfume right in front of me, and even personalized the label with my name!
- K

Flashback to the 1940's

Summer backyard parties inspired me to go back a few decades! 
Dress: H&M / Ring: H&M / Necklace: Club Monaco / Shoes: Poetic Licence / Earings: Grandmother's 

Recent Vacation Purchases

It's been a long time! I'm on vacation right now - started in Vancouver, went through Las Vegas, and now I'm in Los Angeles. I wanted to share some of my recent purchases! There were some great deals! I will do some more posts later of some of the amazing food I ate in all the cities, and more of my shopping purchases.
- K
Earlier today I went to Intermix in Beverly Hills. I bought this amazing Stella McCartney floral dress from her spring 2010 collection. It was on sale, and I couldn't pass it up! Sorry for the terrible quality pictures, forgot my wire to connect my camera!

Another purchase, an early birthday gift from my parents! At Kitson I got this "Daytripper" See by Chloé handbag.
 I got some other things I will show you sometime soon!

Freature Frog - Allie

Outfit Details: Necklace, Anthropologie. Camisole, J. Crew. Blazer, Zara. Boyfriend Jeans, J.Crew. Black Gladiator Sandals.

Freature (Friend + Feature) Frog (Friend + Blog Post)
I did a photo shoot with my good friend Allie. One of the reasons why Allie and I get along so well, is that we share a mutual love of the classic-preppy-with-an-twist retail chain, J. Crew. I wanted to do a 'freature' on Allie because I love her classic style. She always dresses with simplicity and ease and it's always exciting!  I can depend on Allie to have great statement accessories or a pop of colour (notice her nails!) that instantly livens up any outfit.

Today is also Allie's Birthday, so what better day to post this freature!
Happy Birthday Allie!



A lot of colour, a litte detail. 
Flourescent green tank, H&M. White Tank, Forever XXI. Jeggings, H&M.

Freature Frog - Rachel

Definition: Freature - Friend Feature; Frog - Blog (post) about a friend.

Here are some pictures from a recent collaboration with my friend Rachel.  My favourite thing about Rachel's style is her ability to mix and match vintage pieces! I asked her a few questions so you readers could get to know her a little better, enjoy (she's hilarious)! - J

Describe your style & What is your fashion inspiration?
My style? Shit.

My style is a ripoff of lookbook/poor kids/Toronto/recycling/back alley ways/the river valley/people from the Victoria and School of Performing and Visual Arts. I guess those are also my inspirations.

What item are you currently coveting?
Item? I WAS coveting those awesome black pantyhose with hearts/polka dots like so: 

But then I got them for free for working at American Apparel haha [I'll probably get fired for saying that] and so, now.. I guess I'm not coveting them anymore.

I always have a huge list of things I'm "coveting" and keep them in my purse so when I go vintage shopping to religious minority thrift stores I know what to look for and then second hand shopping doesnt seem so overwhelming. Let me find it...
Hokay here we go. Current list says:
Big black knit circle scarf
Leather/Guatemala print satchel/backpack
Patterned tights - Something cool.
Striped shirts
Floral High waisted shorts
Black blouses

Where/what is your favourite place to shop?
My favourite places to shop are stores that have the words "thrift," "secondhand," "Value," "Salvation," and "Mennonite" in them and not stores that have the words "vintage" or "consignment" in them. Because then you know you're getting ripped off. Also, the whole lovely area of Kensington Lanes in Toronto. I get ripped off but I can't help myself. Good chai, too.

Interesting fact: I don't tell people this very often, but I am actually right-handed.

Hype Rachels look on lookbook!!

Graffiti + Plaid

Outfit Details: Plaid Shirt: Urban Outfitters / Dress: Wilfred / Boots: Joe Fresh / Sunglasses: Joe Fresh / Necklace: Club Monaco / Bracelets: Giles & Brother, Links of London

Military Inspiration


Rolled up pants and a casual t-shirt, pulled together by a jacket and statement necklace, is becoming my go-to uniform for casual outfits this summer. This is a look I threw together inspired by the military trend that has been popular over the last few seasons. I love the military details on the jacket and the pants are great too. I've actually found that these muted army green pants act is like a neutral and are surprisingly easy to match with a lot of items in my closet! 

Blue Military Jacket, Lux. Striped Shirt, Zara. Necklace, Club Monaco. Army Green Pants, BDG. Studded Bag, Zara. Shoes, Nine West. Bracelets, I got on vacation in Punta Cana :)


Skirt: 2 Ways

I decided to style Rebecca in an old skirt I had in my closet. I always thought it would be cute as a dress or skirt! 
- K & R
T-shirt: Joe Fresh / Skirt: Club Monaco / Belts: Club Monaco / Headband: Club Monaco / Tights: Hue

Steals of the Day

I haven't purchased anything from Joe Fresh for a while, but I happened to stop by while picking up groceries the other day and found some great finds! Each piece was only $24! Lots of inspiration behind some of these pieces as well...

- K

Black and Olive Green Jersey Maxi Skirts

Inspiration: Rick Owens Maxi Skirt (Net-a-Porter.com)/ The Olsens (Various) 

Grey Sweat Pants: 
Inspiration: Isabel Marant (Elle.com) / Caroline (carolinesmode.com) / Street Shot (http://carolinesmode.com/stockholmstreetstyle/)
Lastly, another pair of biker boots! You can never have too many of these! They're so comfortable, and go with everything. I like wearing them all around the seasons. I actually found these in the children's section and I'm so glad they fit!

New Shoes!

Here are some pictures of my new shoes I picked up today in Calgary! They are Michael by Michael Kors.
- K