The best cases for your new iPhone

In the age of mirror selfies and non-stop screen time, the iPhone case has quickly become a canvas for self-expression. Here are some of our favorite options to protect and style your phone:

Simple and Understated

Photo via Instagram/@peel
  1. Peel - Thin inconspicuous cases preserve the sleek design of your phone
  2. Apple - The silicon case has a great texture with a chic color palette to choose from
  3. Clare V - Clare Vivier has collaborated with Casetify to bring a selection of chic-french-inspired leather cases


Photo via Instagram/@chaos
  1. Chaos - Chaos is the monogrammed phone case favorite of celebrities
      1. The Daily Edited - Personalized options in a wide range of cases, colors, and fonts
      2. Mon Purse - Simple monograms at simple prices

      Bold & Beautiful

      Photo via instagram/@sonix
      1. Casetify - Cases that are as strong as they are beautiful
      2. Minnie & Emma This stationary company brings their cute designs to phone cases
      3. Sonix - The best tortoise shell case design on the market, with clear and black trim options