TIY: Tie-dye Turban Headbands

I decided to make some tie-dye turban headbands for the summer. So I went out and bought some white cotton fabric. Then I cut out two rectangle pieces from the white fabric. After I pinched the middle of the rectangles and twisted them into ball. I tied them up with some rubber bands and soaked the two balls in some water, then  placed them into some royal blue die. Once they were dry I folded the strips in half and sewed them together. pressed the seams and flipped it inside out, then interlocked the two pieces to create a knot. FInally I sewed together all four ends to complete my tie-dye turban headband!

 - C

Freature Frog :)

Definition: Freature - Friend Feature; Frog - Blog (post) about a friend

One thing me and my friend Ronny share is a love of SHOES! I always knew Ronny has an amazing collection of shoes, but my jaw dropped when I saw the lastest addition to her shoe collection that she debuted at grad. THE CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN ANEMONE SHOES!!!  A shoe like that demands attention. It was definitely the perfect finishing touch to Ronny's red dress. Perfection! Monsieur Louboutin is a genius!


The Grad Dress

 This picture, of Vogue Nippon Editor, Anna Dello Russo, has been my desktop wallpaper since the day it was posted on The Sartorialist! Anna Dello Russo is one of my style icons. I love how she incorporates drama into her everyday outfits. I loved the odd voluminous silhouette & the interesting almost laser-ink-jet-like print of Anna's Dolce and Gabanna dress (pictured above). This was my major source of inspiration while I was online shopping for the perfect dress.

I ended up ordering a dress from Neiman Marcus. The dress is a Notte by Marchesa creation. I absolutely adore it. It is such a delicate dress. I love the diluted water colour flower print on the draped organza farbric and the underlay of lace peaking out at the top and bottom on the dress. My favourite part about the dress is the huge statement bow made out of this really cool mesh material. There was so much going on with the dress, I decided to wear simple black pump and a clutch, both from Zara. 
- J

Graduation 2010

Wednesday was the commencement ceremony for my graduation. One of the favourite gradutaion gifts was the Class of '10 charm for my sterling silver charm bracelet. It was the only accessory I wore with the super unflattering cape and gown. Underneath I wore a lace with organza overlay dress by BCBG, it's an old favourite of mine. After the ceremony, we headed to Earls! I'll post pictures of my dress for the banquet part of graduation soon!!

- J

TIY: Boyfriend Shorts

I had an old pair of jeans sitting in my closet so I decided to cut off the legs and make Current/Elliott inspired boyfriend shorts! Try it yourself: Using chalk, draw a line around the shorts where you want to cut off at. Next, cut the legs off, fold or roll the hem, and press it down with an iron.
In no time you will have new shorts for the summer!
- K

Freature Frog

Definition: Freature - Friend Feature; Frog - Blog (post) about a friend.

This Freature Frog is about my Friend Angela. As you can see from the photos above 
Angela models which is great cause she models for some of my photographs. 
She has been doing a lot of local runway shows and photoshoots within the 
Edmonton Area. So I decided to ask Angela some questions about her modelling 
experience so far.
What do you enjoy the most about runway shows?
Probably the few minutes you actually spend on the runway haha. Sometimes you prepare for up to five hours beforehand doing hair, makeup, getting dressed etc. all for those few moments of adrenaline rush on the runway. That's definitely the best part.

What has been your favorite show so far?
The Sweet Venom show I did last year. It was a collaboration of custom corsets made by Elise Truong, decorated by artists from Kash Venom at a local venue where most of the fashion community in Edmonton attended. The look was sexy, yet classic and artsy. It was great meeting a lot of other models, photographers, stylists, hair&makeup people at the event.

What are some beauty tips you have learned from doing modelling?
Hairspray and and backcombing can make your hair pretty much any size/shape imaginable. Also, always bring qtips and lotion.

Runways or photoshoots?
Hmmm... that's a tough question. I like runways because everyone is there together and because of the rush, but I find that you actually get more long lasting image evidence from photoshoots which are better in the long run.

Who is your favorite top model?
I guess this is kind of an obvious answer, but I'd have to say Tyra Banks. She is not only super hot, but has definitely has much more to offer behind her good looks. Beyond her modeling career, she has left a large imprint in the fashion industry with her shows, and is a great role model for young girls.

If you could model for any designer who would it be and why?
I think it'd be really cool to model for Betsey Johnson. I love how her stuff is so different but super cute and girly.


Must Read!

There has been a lot of hype about Classy by Derek Blasberg. The book is full of classic tidbits, funny commentary, and most importantly inspiration. We've gotten a ton of information and ideas for future posts from this precious little blue book! Definitely, check out this book if you haven't already.

Stay Classy!

- C, R, K, and J

TIY: Floral Embellished Dress

I went to Fabricland to pick up a few things for my sewing class, and I came across a bin of sale pieces of fabric. I purchased some tulle, silk, and chiffon and decided to embellish one shoulder of an old dress that I never wear with some floral flowers.
Try it yourself! Bunch the fabric, and coiled them into flower shapes, and hand-sew them in place. Then arrange and pin them onto a dress!
- K

Together Again

Charmaine has officially returned from school. That means that the four of us are finally reunited! This is our first post, all together... FINALLY! To inaugurate Charmaine's homecoming, we splashed around in the rain before heading out for a late dinner at our go-to-restaurant, Joeys. Our blog is going to feature a lot more of Charmaine's great photography, now that she is back home for the summer. We got these pictures right after a flurry of rain, that is why everything looks so luscious and green.

- J, K, R, & C

Approaching Storm

Fresh off our mother's day festivities, me, Kaila, and Rebecca went for a walk at a park in our neighbourhood. We tried to soak up as much of the sun as possible before those gray clouds rolled in.
- J

Outfit Details
On Jasmine: Blue Denim Wash Linen Blazer, Zara. Black Shirt, Calvin Klein. Ruffled Skirt, Zara. Belt, For Love XXI. Oxford Wedges, Zara. Hangbag, Yves Saint Laurent.
On Rebecca: Floral Dress, Purr. Gladiator Heels, Zara. Chain Handbag, Zara.
On Kaila: Denim Chambray Shirt, Gap. Dress, Wilfred. Flower Belt, Vintage. Floral Printed Scarf, Anthropologie. Railroad Spike Bracelet and Bangle, Giles & Brother. Hand-made Studded Bracelet. Handbag, Rebecca Minkoff.