Good Eats New York: Gramercy Tavern

During my trip in New York, I ate at the Gramercy Tavern on East 20th Street. I had heard good things about the restaurant, and was not disappointed! We tried the Smoked Kielbasa with brussel sprouts and spaetzle, the Sea Bass with swiss chard, and for dessert, the Butterscotch Bread Pudding with pear sorbet.
- K

When Tommy Met Anna at The Room

While I was in Toronto over the weekend, I was lucky enough to check out this amazing Anna Dello Russo showcase. The Room at The Bay is paying homage to Tommy Ton and Anna Dello Russo.  The showcase features 81 photographs from Ton's large collection of ADR images.  The Room did an amazing job capturing the essence of Anna Dello Russo extravagance and glamour. Gorgeous! This is definitely a must-see if you are in the Toronto area.
- J

TIY: Hex-Nut Bracelets

I decided to take a try at the DIY braided hex nut bracelet from the blog Honestly WTF. It was super easy, and I ended up with awesome bracelets that look industrially chic! The hardware store had an awesome selection of nuts in many sizes and colors. Try one yourself!
- K

Fashion Stalking

This silhouette is so phenom. I am currently coveting a pair of jeans like this! 
- J

TIY: Glitter Manicure

 I have noticed a lot of  girls with glitter nails espically in Arizona. I decided to skip out on a $30 visit to the nail salon and did my own glitter manicure.  I used clear nail polish and craft glitter. I would suggest Martha Stewart craft glitter because it comes in various colors, and looks amazing on the nails.
 1.)  put on a light layer of clear polish over your nails.
 2.) Then sprinkle glitter over each nail, then let your nails dry before wiping off the excess. 
3.) After you wipe off the extra glitter, repeat the first two steps. 
4.)Let it dry and wipe off the excess and put one last layer of clear nail polish on top to finish it off.

Steel Wheels...Edmonton

This little gem of a pizzeria in Edmonton may not look like anything special from the outside, but this place has amazing pizza that you won't find anywhere else. Aside from their Korean plates, they have awesome pizza choices including their Bulgogi Pizza, for a steal of a deal (2 pieces for $3)!
Steel Wheels Pizzeria - 10307 85 Ave NW
- K

Highline...New York City

I recently went to Chelsea Market with my good friends Liz & Annette. Chelsea Market has tons of delicious food and is an unexpected haven of sublime and chic shoppers. We stopped at the highline park to check out the amazing view and enjoy one of the first actual days that felt like Spring in New York.
- J  

Outfit Details: 
On Annette: Shoes: Coach// Jeans: 1969// Jacket: Juicy// Scarf: Forever XXI// Bag: Express// Watch: Marc Jacobs// Shirt: Juicy// Sunglasses: UO
On Jasmine: Jeans: Madewell// White Tank: Calvin Klein// Black Sweater: H&M// Trench Coat: Zara// Bag: Marc Jacobs// Sunglasses: UO
On Liz: Sunglasses: Ray-Bans// Pants: Gap// Wedges: 20%80// Camel Coat: J. Crew// Lace Tank: Urban Outfitters // Scarf: Free People//

Before the Shows...Outside TransAlta Art Barn

I had an awesome time at Western Canada Fashion Week. Thanks to all the people that made it happen, and all my fellow Edmonton bloggers!

Outfit Details:
Blazer: Club Monaco / T-Shirt: Evil Twin / Jeans: Joes Jeans / Shoes: H&M / Necklace: Vintage / Bag: Balenciaga /

Last Day of WCFW

- One of my favorite dresses from the Sofiss Collection by Joanna Wala (she was one of my professors!)
- Purple, blues, and greys from the Jessica Halabi Collection
- The beautiful feathered gown from the Kelsey McIntyre Collection
- A LBD from Emogene Couture
- A spring/summer look from Joeffer Caoc presented by My Filosphy
- The adorable Stacey and Rowena who worked so hard all week!
- Marie, Andrew, Vickie and I
- K