Freature Frog - Rachel

Definition: Freature - Friend Feature; Frog - Blog (post) about a friend.

Here are some pictures from a recent collaboration with my friend Rachel.  My favourite thing about Rachel's style is her ability to mix and match vintage pieces! I asked her a few questions so you readers could get to know her a little better, enjoy (she's hilarious)! - J

Describe your style & What is your fashion inspiration?
My style? Shit.

My style is a ripoff of lookbook/poor kids/Toronto/recycling/back alley ways/the river valley/people from the Victoria and School of Performing and Visual Arts. I guess those are also my inspirations.

What item are you currently coveting?
Item? I WAS coveting those awesome black pantyhose with hearts/polka dots like so: 

But then I got them for free for working at American Apparel haha [I'll probably get fired for saying that] and so, now.. I guess I'm not coveting them anymore.

I always have a huge list of things I'm "coveting" and keep them in my purse so when I go vintage shopping to religious minority thrift stores I know what to look for and then second hand shopping doesnt seem so overwhelming. Let me find it...
Hokay here we go. Current list says:
Big black knit circle scarf
Leather/Guatemala print satchel/backpack
Patterned tights - Something cool.
Striped shirts
Floral High waisted shorts
Black blouses

Where/what is your favourite place to shop?
My favourite places to shop are stores that have the words "thrift," "secondhand," "Value," "Salvation," and "Mennonite" in them and not stores that have the words "vintage" or "consignment" in them. Because then you know you're getting ripped off. Also, the whole lovely area of Kensington Lanes in Toronto. I get ripped off but I can't help myself. Good chai, too.

Interesting fact: I don't tell people this very often, but I am actually right-handed.

Hype Rachels look on lookbook!!


  1. Ha these pictures are great! She does seem quite hilarious. I need to work at American Apparel to get some goods!

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    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

  8. ha, don't shop at places with the words vintage or consignment b/c you know you'll get ripped off, awesome and so true.