Good Eats...Cool Summer Treats

Summer is here and especially in the Hong Kong heat we all need a good way to cool down. A couple of my favorite sweet spots in the city are Lab Made and Smile Yogurt
Lab Made is an interesting concept which combines science and dessert. With unique, gourmet flavors changing weekly you can literally have a apple pie, blueberry yogurt to a custard bun in an ice cream. Lab Made takes their delicious ingredients, pours it into a mixmaster and adds their secret ingredient...liquid nitrogen. Give it a little mix and in mere seconds you have silky, creamy ice cream made to order. 
Smile Yogurt dessert bar is not your typical self-serve fro-yo. It's a whimsical place where delicious frozen yogurt goodness is dressed with premium toppings from strawberry-basil sorbet, mango pudding, Manuka honey, homemade crumbs, to mango-passionfruit marshmallows. Sometimes they look too pretty to eat!


Summer Print Loafers

Just purchased these fun fruit/floral printed loafers for the summer. They're like a fruit salad for your feet! Super comfortable, and available from Pedder Red in Hong Kong. What shoes are you wearing this summer?  
- K