Yesterday...New York

A beautiful, sunny morning in Washington Square Park with Jasmine!
- K & J

Outfit Details:
On Kaila: Sweater: Saks 5th Avenue / Leggings: Talulah / Boots: H&M / Shearling Scarf: Club Monaco / Sunglasses: Ray Ban /
On Jasmine: Slip Dress: Madewell/ Shirt: J. Crew/ Jacket: H&M/ Boots: Marc by Marc Jacobs/ Necklace: Lanvin for H&M/ Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs /

The Village...New York City

Kaila and I did some afternoon shopping on Bleecker before heading for Lunch-time snacks at Amy's Bread. We couldn't resist getting some pictures along one of the adorable streets of the West Village. Kaila was breaking in her amazing new Miu Miu flats which she got at the Barney's Warehouse Sale. I absolutely love them!! 
- J & K

Outfit Details:
On Kaila: Jacket: Vintage / Plaid Shirt: Joe Fresh / Tank: Joe Fresh / Scarf: Wilfred / Leggings: Talulah / Sunglasses: Ray Ban / Shoes: Miu Miu / Bracelet: Joe Fresh /
On Jasmine: Jacket: Zara/ Dress: Yellow & Gold/ Shoes: Kimchi & Blue/ Socks: Zara/ Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters /
Group Photo Credit: Liz Taus (thanks girl!)

New York City Ballet

Jasmine and I went to see the New York City Ballet last night. It was wonderful, especially "Glass Pieces" with music by Philip Glass. 
- K & J
Outfit Details:
On Kaila: Sweater: H&M / Feather Skirt: Michael Michael Kors / Boots: Balenciaga / Tights: Club Monaco /
On Jasmine: Dress: Silence % Noise/ Shoes: H&M/ Necklace: J. Crew


Pep in The Step

Cute, charming, and unexpected!
This is one my favourite "fashion-stalking" moments from NYFW.
Notice the Chanel laptop case and the Louboutin loafers? I die!
- J


Fur All Ages

Outside the shows, I saw fur in all shapes, sizes, and variations. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that almost EVERYONE was wearing fur to face the chilly weather. I took these pictures on separate days and didn't even notice the similarity until today when I was going through all my pictures again. Of course, with a trend as popular as fur, you're bound to see some similar looks, but I thought it was particularly cute how similar these two looks were!

- J

Frank Tell Fall 2011

I had the chance to see Frank Tell's Fall 2011 presentation at the Lincoln Center. The combination of textures was clever. Laces, furs, knits, and touches of sparkle were effortlessly pieced together. The collection was a satisfying dose of organically deconstructed & textural romanticism. Here are some pictures I took at the show. Enjoy! 
- J

Yasmin Sewell

I love her style, she is so effortlessly pulled together!
- J

In the Spirit of Valentine's Day: A Power "Couple"

Emmanuelle Alt and Geraldine Saglio 

Outside the Shows: The Blogger Elite

O.M.G!!!!! (Oh My GaranceDore)
Garance Dore, Garance Dore
Susie Bubble, Style Bubble
Tommy Ton, Jak and Jil
Bryan Grey-Yamboa, Bryanboy

Rumi Neely, fashiontoast
Chiara Ferragni, The Blond Salad

Teen Voguettes

Teen Vogue's Beauty Director Eva Chen and Fashion News Director Jane Keltner de Valle

New York Fall Winter: Outside the Shows

Mesmerized By the Heels

Outside the Lincoln Center after the Jill Stuart Show

New York Fashion Week

I'm so excited to be visiting the Lincoln Center and snapping photos over the next week! The pre-show/post-show activity of the fashion-show-goers is so inspiring!
- J