Restaurant Guide: Lillia, Brooklyn

Lilia serves beautiful Italian dishes in an refreshed auto-body shop in Williamsburg. Even before the restaurant's James Beard 2018 best chef award, Lilia has been one of the hardest reservations to land in the New York city area. With incredible Italian fare, wine, and dessert, Lilia's is worth the trouble (logging into resy at midnight 30 days in advance) to land the illusive dinner reservation. 


Cacio e Pepe Fritelle (top left) and Grilled Clams, Calabrian Chili, Breadcrumbs (bottom right)

Cauliflower, Spicy Soppressata, Sicilian Pesto, Majoram

Rigatoni Diavola, San Marzano Tomatoes, Chilies, Oregano, Pecorino

Grilled Lamb Leg Steak, Roman Spices, Fennel, Celery

Apple Tart, Ice Cream

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