abcV, New York City

abcV is one of three Jean-Georges restaurants nestled in the Flatiron interior decorating outpost, ABC Carpet & Home. The V of abcV stands for vegan. While this location is popular amongst New York's vegans (Beyonce and Jay Z to name a few), the restaurant promises an outstanding meal no matter what your dietary restrictions are.


Aim to lock down a reservation 2-3 weeks in advance. On hot summer weekends you could probably land a walk-in table when the city dwellers flock to the Hamptons.


abcV has a clean and modern vibe that is simple and approachable. The friendly waiters, clad in jeans and (probably organic) cotton t-shirts, make the high-end vegan food approachable. They even provide a vegetable guide within the menu to explain all the food options and vocabulary you may not be familiar with. Sit al fresco when the weather permits to get the complete neighborhood charm.


Like the restaurant's decor, the food is light and clean. The menu is seasonal and the organically-sourced vegetables provide refreshingly bright and flavorful dishes. This restaurant has some great comfort food (a la the Mushroom Walnut Bolognese) but is an especially strong choice if you are looking for a light, healthy, and satisfying meal on a hot and humid New York Summer night.


1) Green chickpea hummus, thai basil, fresh pita and crudité (voted one NYTimes 10 best dishes of 2017)

2) Slow roasted beets, dijon, avocado puree, chili aioli, pickles, lovage

3) Half roasted cauliflower with turmeric-tahini and pistachios

4) Fresh spinach spaghetti, broccoli, kale, preserved lemon, garlic, grana, saffron crumbs (dairy garnish optional)

5) Handmade vegetable pasta special (depending on availability)


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