Japan Photo Diary

Just got back from an amazing Christmas trip to Japan! Definitely one of my favourite countries - it is just so clean, everyone is extremely polite, friendly, and the FOOD! Simply phenomenal. It is quite impossible to have a bad meal in Japan. We spent our time mainly in Osaka and a few days in Kyoto. Kyoto is a beautifully historic city with a lot to see and do. Osaka is FOOD CITY! I probably spent most of my time eating and then navigating to my next restaurant to try other delicious delights. Japan also has some of the best bread and no matter where you go, everything is packaged PERFECTLY. I mean perfectly - from little candies, pickled vegetables to bento boxes sold at 7-11. It was also quite fun getting a chance to use my terrible Japanese - being half Japanese I wish I knew a little more. I am also glad I kept up my reading skills as I found it very helpful to be able to read as there wasn't too much English around. Here are some of my favourite snapshots from my trip all from my iPhone (if you don't have the photo editing app called 'Snapseed' I highly recommend it)! Enjoy!
- K
Downtown Dotonbori in Osaka
Matcha soft serve in Gion, Kyoto
CRAY vending machines - You can literally get anything in a vending machine
Interesting vending machine finds - SAKE!
Another shot of Dotonbori
Fresh UNI from a hole-in-the-wall sushi bar in Tenjinbashi, Osaka
The said sushi bar from above
The best tekka maki also from the hole-in-the-wall sushi bar
BACON Okonomiyaki (pan-fried cabbage pancake covered with bonito flakes and savory sauce)
A rustic street near the Fushimi Inari Shrine with a fresh senbei store on the right-hand side
Fushimi Inari
PACHINKO machines! 
Chocolate cream-filled bird pastries
Street food fave...TAKOYAKI!
Side street in Temma, Osaka
Killer ramen in Kyoto from Honke Dai-Ichi Asahi Ramen
Fresh and warm senbei (rice crackers) from Mochiyaki Senbei!
Our traditional machiya townhouse in Kyoto
My new Nike Roshe sneaks in the subway 

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  1. Wow! Japan looks so pretty! Especially love the green ice cream. :)


  2. Loved this post, I really want to visit Japan. Lovely blog xx