NYC Freature...Alexandra

We haven't done a freature (friend-feature) in a very long time! While I was in New York last month I decided to take the opportunity to discuss dance and fashion with one of my long-time friends, Alexandra. 

Alexandra is a freelance commercial and concert dancer in NYC. She graduated last year from SUNY Purchase College, magna cum laude with her BFA in dance and minor in arts management. She is currently performing with CoreDance Contemporary, an Australian based modern dance company; rehearsing for the off-broadway show Ready 2 Die, a hip hop musical based on Notorious BIG, and performing as Tinkerbell in a children’s show. If you’re in NYC this summer you should definitely check out her performances!

Style and fashion inspiration?
My style is definitely very girly. I spend half my time in rehearsals, classes, auditions and the gym sweating hard! So when I’m not rocking my lululemons (I’m obsessed) I love to dress up and show off my feminine side. Flirty dresses are my staple once summer hits, as I hate being restricted because I never stop moving. I’m obsessed with lace, delicate details, bows, high, high heels and my bright blue Sperry’s!
My fashion inspirations are the girls riding the subway beside me! New Yorkers are so stylish and can rock any look- no matter how crazy. You can get really inspired here. 

Favorite places to shop in the city?
SOHO!!!!! How can you resist that area! I also love all the awesome little stores around Washington Square Park and the West Village. I love wandering through the cobble stone streets and finding unique stores that have clothes no one else has. And there are tons of bakeries to keep your stomach happy while you shop ☺

What's the most exciting thing about dancing in NYC?
Is running into a famous dancer in your dance class!!! I have had a beautiful poster of two ballet dancers from American Ballet Theater on my door back home in Edmonton since I was 12 and I walked into a ballet class at Steps and they were standing right beside me at the barre!!! Reality check! I have also auditioned alongside winners of SYTYCD which is kinda fun. And just the whole atmosphere of all the dancers trying to make it in NYC is exciting and just pushes you as a dancer to a whole new level. 



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