Ristretto Series...The Best Cups of Coffee in NYC

Many of you that know me know that I love my coffee. I don't even use sweeteners or sugar anymore - my favorite way to drink it is just with milk! I've decided to do a series of posts on the amazing and vast array of coffee shops in New York. 
In this post I am featuring Roasting Plant Coffee. There are two locations in Manhattan, one on the Lower East Side (81 Orchard St) and the other in the West Village (75 Greenwich Ave). The Roasting Plant has an amazing mechanism where they roast their beans and wiz them through tubes and right into your coffee cup. The microbrew experience is definitely not one to be missed. (P.S. check out my gif image! Isn't it cool?! I am obsessed!) 
- K


  1. i thought i was crazy no sugar here either. the more and more i drink the less syrup i get in there. to a point where my 5 shots with milk has just a hint of mocha. This place looks like coffee heaven!!

  2. this place looks fantastic. no sugar over here either. just a heavy pour of cream.

    looking forward to your future coffee posts. :)

    the champagne life