TIY: Studded Friendship Bracelet

I thought of this bracelet as a crafty idea to use up some my extra studs I had left from my studded iPhone case. It was really easy, and definitely adds another dimension to my arm party!
I purchased the friendship bracelets from a stand on Venice Beach while in Los Angeles, but you can easily make your own. Next, I just placed the screw side of the stud through the string of the bracelet and then twisted the stud on top. You could add as many studs as you would like, but I personally wanted to see the bracelet underneath still. Try It Yourself - you will get addicted like me and make more than one studded bracelet!
- K


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  2. This is really, really cool. <3 Did you make the bracelet furthest on the right in the last picture? It's really awesome.

  3. So I would just like to say that I just found your blog and im OBSESSED! I love it. Great posts and photos :)