TYI: Chain & Jewel Headband

This TYI is inspired by Nicole Richie's gold headband that she is wearing the photo above.
I have been wanting a hairband just like the one pictured above!
I took the two chains from an old headband and attached them together through the links to make
a larger circular chain. Then I attached a plain silver chain to run down the middle.
I attached an old earring that to the front of the hairband to make it more dramatic
Here are the final results! Its such a fun hair piece to wear and its a great way to add a extra special touch to any outfit.


  1. wow, awesome :)nice headband, nw i'm wondering, should i make one for myself? :)

  2. this is a great idea!!! good job! :)

  3. awesome! i like your rendition of hers.