New Purchase: Hunter Fleece Welly Socks

When I saw these on Shopbop, I knew I had to get them! They are these cozy fleece socks that you can put inside your wellies. These ones had a leopard trim, and they have grey furry ones as well. They are a great way to accessorize and jazz up your Hunters. Pick them up while you still can!
- K


  1. these are awesome! i've always wanted a pair of hunter's but the fur trim on these is perfect

  2. Wowser. The fur made this. Thanks for posting the photos. Yo have a cute blog come and visit me too, soon.


  3. great! I have them too and they changes my life ahaah I always used to have cold feet :P
    plus they look gorgeous!

    check out our fashion illustrations at :)

  4. They look FAB! I'm loving fur at the moment. I also like the Hunter wellies which are black wedges. x

  5. Ohmigod they are AMAZING! Haha I love them, makes wellies so much cooler :)

    Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo