Highlights: Fashion Night Out

Friday was Fashion's Night Out! Here are highlights from some of the places I visited. I tried to snap as many photos as I could on my cell phone. It was crazy, this is just a fraction of what we saw. There were tons of celebrity appearances and even more amazingly chic Fashionista's. The streets of SoHo were packed with people and the lines outside of the major department stores on Park Ave, Madison Ave, and Fifth Ave were crazy! All in all, it was a great night of fashion.
- J

At Tiffany's they were honouring the yellow diamond, Audrey Hepburn wore in the Breakfast at Tiffany's promotional posters. These Holly Golighltly inspired models were poised at the Tiffany's entrance.
Outside Tiffany's they had a yellow red carpet and a cute popsicle stand handing out delicious miniature popsicles. They were so yummmmmmy.
Inside Tiffany's they were also handing out lemonade in honor of the yellow diamond theme.
The Tiffany's Candy Bar... perhaps my favorite place of the entire night!
Everything from jellybeans to malt balls to taffy.
The candy bag!
This was a crazy long line up outside of Bergdorfs! I did a lot of outfit stalking/gawking while waiting in line.
Bergdorfs had some cool things in their windows to keep us entertained while waiting in line!
Another Bergdorf window with live models. 
Another Bergdorf window... he's pouring hot wax over this dress made of flowers. The end result was actually really beautiful!
Jason Wu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Protesters outside of Bloomingdales... I caught a glimpse of Michael Kors on my way out, right before we ran into these protesters. He was so glamorous... this woman... not so much. 
We bought our FNO T-shirts at Bloomingdales!
A fashion show in Bloomingdales.
One of many sick DJs at the FNO events. 
This window speaks for itself! NO LAGERFELD SITING for us unfortunately. I talked to one of the security guards at Chanel and he said that Karl wasn't there at any point of the night. 
The one and only guy dancing. I wish I had a picture of the DJ, she was adorably adorned in Chanel accesories. My fave accessory was her Chanel gloves
Faux fur, faux fur, faux fur. I finally got to see chanel's f/w 2010 collection in real life!

It was such a fun night and I can't wait for next year. Tips for you guys going next year... 
1. Start early at SoHo or don't go at all. 
2. Go to your number one destination first, the lines outside may kill you! 
3. I started the night out in heels and ended up in flats so make sure to pack the emergency pair in your bag.
4. And the most important rule... impulse buys are perfectly acceptable on this night. after all we are helping the economy here.


  1. New York!! I love this city<3

  2. love all the pictures!

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  3. id seriously DIE to be there!
    love your blog btw!

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