Blogger Profile...Rebecca

Blogger for C'est Classique
Current City: Edmonton, Alberta
Wearing: Classic Little Black Dress

favourite blog: Taylor Swift's blog!!

favourite website: youtube

favourite store: Anthropologie. As of this month anyways :)

favourite online shopping: I try to avoid this. Too dangerous for the bank.

favourite restaurant: The Trough (Location: a cute little ally in Canmore, Alberta)

favourite city: Although I love New York and Boston, nothing can beat Rome at night.. its Magical!

favourite designer: Stella McCartney

favourite magazine: Vogue

style icon: Lady Gaga. Obviously. Kidding!

dream car: Black Mercedes G-Wagon Jasmine i'm not copying you I swear! I have loved boxy cars since the day I was born!

dream pair of shoes: Those Chanel boots from the devil wears prada! But I have always wanted a pair of Christian Louboutins.

dream bag: Any Louis Vuitton in Monogram Vernis. There is just something about those purses that makes me go crazy! In a good way.

favourite juice: Pomagranate Juice. Those antioxidants will make you live forever!

favourite book: The Time Travelers Wife

favourite television show: Gossip Girl

guilty pleasure: Eating skinny cow fudgicles (only 90 calories!) and watching family channel.
Yes I should grow up.

style secret: Curling the ends of natural curly hair to make frizz disappear.

favourite quote: The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return. Recognize it? Moulin Rouge!

describe your style in three words: Seeit, likeit, wearit! Sorry I had to cheat.

first 'fashion moment': My visit to the Vancouver Holt Renfrew. I will remember that day forever!

favourite movie: Across the Universe

fashion crush: Miranda Kerr by far. That girl has the face of an angel.

the item of clothing you wear the most: I go through stages where I wear one type of clothing constantly! Right now its jeggings.

complete this sentence: I always...say this is the best day ever! When really how can every day of my life be the best day ever?

what does classic mean to you? It represents a perfect moment with people you love :)